As a product development by Amitek, a company specializing internationally in water, waste-water and effluent purifying systems, the Ampure system has been designed specifically for water treatment. Backed by its network and design and management know-how, Amitek is geared to supply world-class, innovative solutions to customers throughout sub-Saharan Africa and Indian Ocean Islands.


Ampure Water Treatment Plants involve a front-line water purification system that is designed, built and scaled in accordance with a community's requirements regarding potable water The Ampure range is designed to treat water from various sources to drinking quality (or better if required) Each Ampure plant is specified to accommodate the source water quality, deliver the required treated water quality and volume, as well as to observe the conditions of the environment where it is to be installed.


During the design phase, technologies selected from a vast source are combined, to ensure that the most efficient process is devised to achieve the required results in the most cost-effective way These technologies include - but are not limited to - flocculation, settling, pH adjustment, sand filtration, activated carbon filtration, ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis, various methods of water-"softening", sterilisation by chemicals, ultra-violet light and ozone treatment

Design and installation involve the following:

  • The required treated water quality and volume are determined
  • The raw water quality is evaluated
  • An Ampure system fitting the exact specifications is designed
  • The location and housing requirements of the plant are determined
  • The Ampure plant is designed and manufactured off-site, delivered, installed and commissioned
  • Backup is provided through a comprehensive operating and maintenance service to ensure optimal performance at minimal costs.








The Ampure Mobi is a fully self-contained water treatment plant mounted on a trailer to enable water to be treated at the source and to deliver drinking water quickly and efficiently to remote areas or where standby capacity is required


Once installed and commissioned, Ampure Water Treatment Plants can

be managed fully by the Amitek operation - founded in 1994 and reaching

across sub-Saharan Africa and as far as Indian Ocean Islands Amitek has supplied, installed and commissioned water treatment and waste-water treatment plants in South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Angola, Zambia, Kenya, Senegal, as well as on the Seychelles

Amitek is a member of the Water Institute of SA (WISA) and a founder member of SEWPACKSA, a self-regulatory body of suppliers of small waste-water treatment works under the auspices of WISA

Submit your Ampure requirements to Amitek and be assured of clear-cut solutions!

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